Horseplatesplate 2015

'Het paardenbordenbord'
In an Emmaus in France i found two plates with horses on them. I made a picture and send it to my friend Adrienne, who is a big fan of horses. She replied that i should've bought the plates. Stupid of me of course, they we're very cheap (1 euro). The thing is that i usually don't buy stuff. In buying presents i am the worst. This time i even regret buying the plates so i got online to make a plate for her.


Together with the picture of the horse plates, a picture of her when she was young riding a horse, an image of her favorite horse which i photoshopped into a unicorn and some clichées, i made a design. Online there was this company where i could print it on a cheap plastic plate which became 'The horseplatesplate'...


Later other people saw the image of the horseplatesplate and wanted to have it. I thought there should only be one horseplatesplate, but i liked the idea of having fans for the horseplates plate, so i designed the horseplatesplateshirt as merchandise. I thought the design for the shirt worked out well, but finally i only printed one since the quality seemed very bad. (On the picture my friend Lies is wearing the shirt)

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Meanwhile i got a excited about the meta concept and set up sort of an online merchandise shop with stuff like a 'horseplatesplate legging', a 'tie tie' (when i got a tie as a present from Adrienne), a 'horse mug mug' (when i got a picture of a mug with a horse from my dearest Florentijn) and then a 'horse mug mug - mug', and a 'beach chair chair' (a beach chair with beach chairs on it).
Before i really started the idea of merchandise for the shop itself, e.g. a shop merchandise t-shirt: a t-shirt with an image of the shop, made me go a bit meta insane, so i stopped working on the project. Trying to sell stuff like this probably is not really in sync with my 'i usually don't buy stuff' anyway.